Milton Howard Sunface

Milton Howard Sunface

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Milton Howard Sun Face Kachina doll

Handcrafted from cotton wood root.  Stands approximately 8-9 inches tall.

Amazing artistry by Hopi Master Carver Milton Howard.  Also known as Tawa Kachina or the Sun Shield Kachina.   The Sun Kachina is a representation of the spirit of the sun.  This ceremonial leader brings warmth, a bright future, youthful playfulness, shelter for the old, and is considered one of the more powerful Kachinas because the Sun is thought to be the brightest and largest of all the stars, essential to life and growth. 

Holds a spruce tree in his left hand and a bell in his right hand...may also appear in a mixed dance with the flute in his left hand, that is associated with him in many myths.1

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1 Kachinas A Hopi Artist's Documentary by Barton Wright, Original paintings by Cliff Bahnimptewa pg 124